Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1st Anniversary of Rohring Round the Clock 6/12/24Hr and 100 mile runs

Run one, Run All!
Run one, Run All....
Welcome to the home of  Rohring Round the Clock 6 / 12/ 24 Hour Runs ( 100 miles get 30 hours to finish if you pass 80 miles by 24 hours).  ALL EVENTS START AT 8AM.

Our next event is our first Anniversary and the 4th 24 hour / 100 mile event we have put on at Rohr Park in one year…  Registration is now open.

All our timed and Ultra Runs will begin on Saturday February 8th at 8AM.  If you have completed 80 miles by the end of 24 hours, you may continue to run for up to 30 hours or until you reach 100 miles.  Ed Ettinghausen has run 136.25 miles on this course in 24 hours.   ALL EVENTS START AT 8AM.

Our events are low-key, with a limited number of entrants.  We typically do not have 15 / 10 marathoners or 20/15 half marathoner starters / finishers, so if those kinds of numbers mean the world to you, we don’t follow those rules.  We don’t have beer gardens, water slides, obstacle courses or live bands.  We have pre-race photos, but we don’t preclude anyone from joining in it, even if they aren’t wearing the colors of their favorite online running club.

We value camaraderie and fun.  We provide a Family-friendly and Runner-friendly course with plenty of restrooms, water fountains, some shade, parking, and proximity to restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, watering holes, and other amenities within walking distance of the start / finish for you and your crew to stock up on supplies.  We also have free Wi-Fi at the Start / Finish ( from 10 AM to 9PM).  We don't serve alcohol, and request that you refrain from imbibing on the course.  You may imbibe in the park, if you are following the posted regulations, we don’t assume responsibility for your consumption or behavior afterwards… so have a designated driver if you do choose to imbibe and always pack out your trash.

The Rohring Course is a USATF Certified 5.08K loop (3.15 miles) with 45-50 feet of ascent / descent per lap.  75% of the course is dirt or DG trail.  The balance includes some bike path blacktop, sidewalk and concrete.  There is grass surrounding a portion of the sidewalk and concrete, so you can use that if you wish.  The course traverses the boundary of a golf course, and the inside of a city park.  It crosses a parking lot driveway ( where you will park your car near the start / finish ) and one residential street.  We recommend gaiters.  We will serve typical ULTRA fare at our venue.  Water, Electrolyte Replacement Fluid, Sugary and Salty Snacks, PBJ sandwiches and other old-school food will be aplenty.  If you need some special, scientifically-formulated, performance-enhancing, mind-altering gooey or pasty stuff to fuel your engine... feel free to bring it and share with your friends.

Your race crew can access the course from several locations, AND you can have a pacer accompany you on foot.  You can take a break at the aid station, the local restaurants or ice cream parlor, update your facebook page or check your email... just be safe and keep aware of what's going on around you.  We share the trail with walkers, doggies on leashes, horses from time to time and an occasional cyclist.  In most locations the trail is 15 feet wide or so.

We discourage ipods, mp3 players and headphones for safety reasons, but we do not ban them and we will not ask you to remove them except at the aid station when talking to volunteers.  We are experimenting with live results posted to webscorer.com.
So, we may provide a link for your friends / crew to follow so they know when to come pace or support you.

Entry fees will be as follows:
ONE 6 hour run: $42.  
12 Hour Run $90. 
24 Hour / 100 Mile Run $150


Repeat Rohring Rock / Round the Clock Runners will receive a 25% discount. BRR and Running Troops members will receive a 25% discount.  You have to request a single use code to redeem discounts.

DNF Discount:  If you signed up for a recent race that I ran, directed, swept or volunteered and DNF’d, you may send me an email request and I will consider giving you a chance to redeem yourself for a steep discount at this race.  If I personally DNF’d you at a race of 50K or longer, I will consider letting you run this race for free, with signed waiver provided you bring a pacer who will be with you for your entire run.
These are our inaugural 100 milers from last February getting ready to run.  Best time was 17h09 last February, but our current record is 16h55 for 100 miles and 136.25 miles for 24 hours.

We meet behind the library at the Rohring Rock, where you will find the start and finish line.  It's right adjacent to the parking lot where you will have access to your vehicle every 5K.

Most of the course is DG or Dirt trails, you wont have to wade across streams because they have bridges...  And it's pretty flat as you can see here.

Some examples include SD100, Chimera, SD50, PCT50, Oriflamme, Cuyamaca 100K, Zion 100, Lake Hodges, etc. etc.

You may register for an additional race on race day, but sorry, no refunds if you decide to cancel.  If you register and can't make this event ( DNS ) , we automatically roll your entry into our next event at no additional charge, for the same distance or shorter.  

Same day registration will be an additional $20 per event. 
For more information contact:
Run Smart, Run Forever.
Jimmy The Sweep
Ultra Clydesdale